Client: Abinsula Srl
Year: 2019
In collaboration with: Pietro Pirino

Tags: Healthcare, User Experience, User Interface, Adobe XD, Zeplin

Color & material

The app tends to be monochrome, a bright turquoise but not tending to fluo. A color generally linked to the medical field. To this are added lighter shades of turquoise and some of gray, useful for creating contrasts between the various sections of the interface.

Light turquoise


Shining turquoise


Light grey


Cardio Filo is a project that brings together a doctor-controlled and managed desktop app that stores and updates their patients, their health status, visits made and scheduled visits. The smartphone app is for patients, who receive notifications from the doctor and use the app to monitor their health status.

The goal of the work was to design both apps, doctor side and patient side.



Cardio Filo gives you the possibility to log in as a patient or as a patient’s assistant, this allows you to track autonomous patients or those with special needs.


A variety of choices

With Cardio Filo app, the patient or caregiver can decide to have an overview of the patient’s medical conditions: view the medical reports of the latest visits, keep the therapy diary, record data regarding the patient’s health and lifestyle, receive notifications and reminders from the doctor.


Medical report

The patient can keep track of the various measurements he makes throughout the day and check the data on an annual, quarterly, weekly and daily basis. The app keeps track of blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, sport done, any cigarettes smoked, steps and heart rate.


Record data

The patient can keep track of blood pressure, glucose and other health data along with more general health data: sport done and cigarettes smoked. Based on the number entered, the patient will receive positive or negative feedback.


Therapy diary

The patient or caregiver can update the patient’s therapy even in the case of other medical visits. In this way the attending physician will always be informed of the medicines the patient is taking.