Client: Abinsula Srl
Year: 2020
In collaboration with: Federica Secci

Tags: Web design, Brand Identity, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

Abinsula is one of the main Italian players in Embedded, IoT, Web and Mobile solutions. Its core business is represented by automotive, where it has managed to establish itself as a provider of innovative ICT solutions worldwide thanks to a very high specialization.
Following various collaborations for the design of interfaces and user experience, the customer was provided with the website.

The proposal for the website coincided with the proposal for two new colors: deep blue and fluo yellow. Together with these, the logo was used in the total white and total black version.

Deep Blue


Yellow Fluo


Pure white


Icon System

Abinsula deals with Embedded, IoT, Web and Mobile solutions. It also uses various software, languages ​​and frameworks. An icon system has been created for the representation of this variety. The points represent the Abinsula network, with all its employees and collaborators, who, united by the yellow lines, form the ideal software and design solution from time to time.